Ascent of Hintermark

It was a dark night, and the full moon could barely penetrate the icy cold fog hovering above the ground. A couple fled silently into the night, leaving all they knew behind. As had happened before, and would happen again, their parents and noble houses could not accept their union. Their journey took them far away from the wars, scheming and intrigues to the outskirts of civilization. They settled in a tiny hamlet of people who also ran from something.

Ascent of Hintermark is the story of how the mark/march Hintermark was tamed by several generations of adventurers, craftsmen, lords and warriors. In this Strategy RPG you take on the challenges of your unique hamlet in this inhospitable mark. Your decisions and deeds affect the future of your hamlet and the people who live and die there.

A tactical and strategic turn-based RPG based on a historical, dark and gritty early-high medieval north germanic Europe. Lives are short, brutal and often miserable - survival of your family, kin and town is all that matters. Uniquely generated hamlets, populations and events makes things a real challenge.

Expected Early Release 2021